Compassion: I have the ability to feel others’ pain in a way that a lot of people cannot. I have an interest in knowing what people are feeling and thinking; I don’t like settling for surface-level relationships. My main goal is to be able to relate to others on a personal level, feel what they feel, and do anything to make their day or life better.

Patience: This one word holds an incredible amount of meaning for me. Someday in the near future, I plan on getting it tattooed somewhere on my body because this one word carries so purpose for me. My favorite quote in the entire world is “Good things come to those who wait.” I have lived by this quote for as long as I can remember. Sometimes I can get a little too ahead of myself, I can live too much in the future, or wish that things would come sooner than they are. For me, patience is key in keeping my mind content and happy.

Open-mindedness: I am almost so open-minded that I can never have an opinion on anything. I meet people and instantly want to know where they come from, what they’ve been through, and how those experiences have shaped them into the person they are. I want to understand their motives and ideas and I can only do this by keeping an open, curious mind.

Planning Ahead: Let me just say one thing- I love lists. I couldn’t imagine a life without a planner or an organization-driven personality. I think ahead like crazy in hopes that I can best plan out my days accordingly. I’ve learned to balance planning ahead with the ability to not dwell on the future. It’s important to live in the now and enjoy the moment now – but to always have an idea of what the future looks like.

The Ability to Stay Quiet: Instead of allowing my initial passions to fuel an argument leading myself to say something I may regret later, I can sit back, maintain composure, and stay quiet until I have time to collect my thoughts. I believe in being vocal about your opinions, but I usually tend to kill them with silence.