To have things in your life that make your heart warm is an incredible blessing. To know what those things are is an even bigger blessing. Those things are passions, and I have quite a few.

The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear “passion” is music. It has always been my absolute love. Music has taught me the definition of passion and what it means to really love something. It’s really cliche, but true. It is something I would love to expand on in college, but I’m struggling to do so. It’s always been a dream of mine to work in the music industry, either performing or simply being around it. Singing is my favorite thing in the world to do, and I’d love to show that to people. There is something so magical about music that has the power to heal and enlighten people.

Another thing I’m passionate about is the ability for others to see their worth. This has become much more prevalent in my life recently. Simply, I want people to see the beautiful qualities about them, even if they don’t see it in themselves. I strive to be the person that helps someone see the good qualities they don’t focus on. I’ve grown a lot in the past year or two, and a part of that was just becoming completely happy with myself. I was never unhappy with who I was, but I was more self-critical and would question why I was the way I was. I’ve become so much more self-accepting and at peace with the person I am. In difficult situations, I just say to myself “well, that’s who I am, and if you don’t want to be around that person, then see ya later.” And I don’t mean that in a selfish way. I just am happy with who I am and if people want to be around that, then that’s awesome. I want others to be able to be comfortable in who they are. I truly believe everyone is inherently good at heart and I want people to believe in the person they are.

I’m passionate about open-mindedness and perspective. Basically, I strive to see every side of a situation, which ultimately helps in communication and decision making. It frustrates me when others struggle to see different perspectives, so I try to be the exact opposite of that. I feel like being open-minded helps the quality of my relationships, schoolwork, and works towards an overall positive mindset.

I am so passionate about learning about people. I don’t want my legacy to be the number of people I met, I want it to be how many people I know. By the word “know”, I mean, I want to know people truly for who they are. There is nothing I hate more than surface level conversation and I crave the deep connections with others. Deeply knowing others is my passion – my body literally craves it. Being able to connect with another person and truly get them is something I cherish and take to heart.


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