The amount of growth one goes through in a lifetime is never an amount that is either predictable or fathomable. The changes, experiences, and people that one encounters sparks growth within a person. Every experience shapes a person and creates a new perspective. I strongly believe that every person is in my life for a reason. As it pertains to me, every experience no matter the magnitude happens because it is supposed to happen.

No matter the instance, my mind is flooded with new ideas and ways of thinking and I’m forced to establish a different perspective. Be open. Be understanding. Agree to disagree. Know that although you may have a different mindset as someone else, knowing their mindset is vital for personal growth. All of these qualities are values that I make a point to incorporate into my life every single day. I want to inspire others to see perspective into the minds of those around them.

Throughout my leadership experience, I have learned that not everyone thinks in the same way I do. Not everyone has the same values as me or the same amount of passion. It’s easy to be frustrated by this, but I choose to remember that everyone is completely different than me. We do not have the same brain or the same heart. We think differently. Because of these differences, I am constantly creating a new perspective on just about everything. I strive to encourage the people close to me to do the same thing.

As a leader, I am not loud, I am not direct, and I am not “naturally influential”. But as a friend, a daughter, a sister, and as a significant other, it is my goal to make sure the people I care about keep an open mind in order to better their understanding about the world. I just want others to be able to look into the mind of another and understand where they are coming from. A little perspective goes a long way in creating meaningful relationships, a broad worldview, and a happier you.