APSSC: A Student Organization for Psychology


As my passion for psychology has absolutely skyrocketed this year, I decided to get involved in a student organization specifically for psych majors and minors. Talk about a mouthful of a name, American Psychological Society Student Caucus, APSSC for short. Me being me, I was anxious about joining an organization halfway through the year, especially with my anxiety at its peak. I knew this was something I wanted to be involved in and I wanted to immerse myself in as much psychology as I could. I also wanted to start making connections with other psychology students and form relationships with professors. With this organization, I have been able to achieve all of this.

At the first meeting, I was immediately greeted by the vice president of the organization with excitement and enthusiasm. He made me comfortable and accepted into the group right away. A lot of new faces showed up to the first meeting of the new semester, so I was surrounded by other newbies which made me feel a lot better. What I really loved about the first meeting was that it was super casual, very inclusive, and informational. What more could you ask from an RSO, honestly? This made me want to come back and keep participating in meetings to get to know the other students in the organization.

Each meeting has a different theme or purpose. There are special speakers who come in to provide us information about different programs and opportunities. The director of clinical psychology gave a presentation on his research and how to get involved in a research lab on campus. I didn’t even know I could get involved in research this early on in my undergrad, so I was super stoked about that. We’ve had discussions all about grad school which is a critical topic to cover. I’ve known for awhile that I will be going to grad school, but I didn’t know anything about how to apply, what to put on a resume, and what kinds of programs are offered. APSSC has provided me SO much knowledge on what I need to be successful in my undergrad and how my undergrad dictates how I will do in graduate school.

Since attending APSSC, I’ve met some really cool people, I’ve met with the director of clinical psychology and will be involved in his research lab, and I’ve strengthened my passion for my career path. I’m very lucky to have an opportunity to be a part of an organization like this as it will prepare me for the future and form the bonds I want.

Brainstorming reasons why we are passionate about psychology 🙂

apssc 2.jpg


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