Communication in Leadership

leadershipOn every Monday and Wednesday at 2PM, I have the pleasure of joining my Leader Advancement Scholar cohort for a wonderful class on communication in leadership. We are taught by the lovely Elizabeth Carlson who goes above and beyond to make the class exciting and informational.

This course is designed to cover theories and concepts of communication, strategies for interpersonal, public, and organizational communication, how to effectively solve problems in groups and teams, creating professional relationships, and so much more.

Dr. Carlson has key points that she wants us to take away from the class.

  1. She wants us to believe that how you communicate is just as important as what you communicate
  2. She wants us to know more about ourselves
  3. She wants us to challenge ourselves
  4. She wants us to support and encourage growth in one another
  5. She wants us to enjoy coming to class and look forward to learning

We started off the semester by sharing personal stories about times that we felt ineffective as leaders. This was a great way to start off the class, as we got to know each other more as a cohort and Dr. Carlson gained some insight on each of us personally.

The topics we’ve covered have been unique and insightful. I enjoyed learning more about leadership theories that our cohort discussed last year in LDR200 and how to apply those theories in our lives. Leader effectiveness, leadership follower styles, types of leadership, and types of power are just a few of the topics that we’ve discussed.

I love the type of classroom environment that Dr. Carlson fosters. She provides an open atmosphere where communication is encouraged and opinions are valued. Her bubbly personality along with her professionalism makes for a wonderful learning space. The time I get to spend with my cohort is something I value greatly and I always have a great time.

I’m excited to expand my knowledge of communication in leadership as the end of the semester quickly approaches. I look forward to what we have yet to learn and what memories we will make. I’m excited to take what I’ve learned in this class and apply in my future career and in my relationships.


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