sarah 3As a sophomore Leader Advancement Scholar at CMU, I have the AMAZING opportunity to mentor a freshman in the LAS cohort below me. Never did I think that I would even have the chance to mentor someone, but I also didn’t think she would be so incredible. I joined LAS late, so I didn’t start off my freshman year with a mentor. Having the opportunity to be a mentor was such a privilege to me in and of itself. Little did I know that I’d be a mentor to my mentee, Sarah Rose Cortez, and she is one incredible human.

Here are some things I love about her.

Sarah is so passionate about changing the world. She has such a wide variety of passions that pave what she does in her every day life. She wants to inspire others to find their worth, passion, and purpose in order to effectively change and serve this world. Sarah truly wants others to know their full potential and what they can do to change their world.

Sarah is so accepting of so many different kinds of people. She sees the good in people and loves them from the beginning. She believes that people should be loved unconditionally and that each human deserves to be treated equally. Sarah has the ability to pretty much  befriend anyone with her magnetic personality.

sarah 4

She is a woman of God. Sarah makes sure to keep God at the center of her life and let Him sculpt the path(s) she is meant to be on. In her dorm room, she has a huge wall quote that reads:

“1 Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God-this is your true and proper worship. – Romans 12:1”.

This Bible quote exemplifies her passion for God and living a life for God. sarah

When Sarah isn’t spending her time finding ways to serve others, she is making others happy through her goofy and fun-loving personality. She makes the people in her life laugh out loud and inspires others to be themselves. Her family-oriented attitude is something I admire so much. She cares so much for her parents and two sisters who mean the world to her. You’ll never catch Sarah not having a good time and that is something I love about her.

I’m so excited to see where her four years at Central take her. At this time last year, I didn’t even know Sarah existed, and now being surrounded by her potential and positive outlook, I am beyond grateful. I’m so thankful for our relationship and how easy friendship is with her. I love and cherish you, so much Sarah!


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