Leadership Theory Application

In my LDR200 class, we were presented with a leadership model that embodies the steps it takes to create social change. The Social Change model is specifically designed for young leaders to foster positive change. Being a college student, this is especially important in making sure I leave an impact on the world.

The model shows leadership development from three different perspectives: from the individual, in a group, and in a community or a society.

From an individual’s standpoint, it is important to know what qualities I possess to benefit the group most. Knowing my own strength and what I can bring to the table is vital in everything I do on campus. From choosing to major to working on a group project – it all stems from knowing what I am successful at and what I am not successful at. Being self-aware is not only important when it comes to schoolwork, but it also is important in my relationships with others, the food I eat, and the decisions I make.

In order to create positive social change, one must be aware of the seven C’s of Leadership.

  1. Consciousness of Self
    • Since coming to college, I have never been more aware of my values and attitudes I have in certain aspects of life. Knowing the beliefs I hold close to me will help me grow further in the organizations I am involved in and my educational pathway.
  2. Congruence
    • My values need to line up with my actions, because if they didn’t, I’d be a hypocrite. Saying one thing and doing another is not creating positive change in any aspect.
  3. Commitment
    • This is especially important to me because in the past, I have lost motivation and purpose in what I do. I never want to lose sight of the future, so staying committed to my classwork and picturing my end goal are necessary.
  4. Collaboration
    • Talk with others! Learn. Expand your horizons. Use others to benefit the change you make.
  5. Common Purpose
    • College is for meeting people of different interests and people of the same interests. Finding a group with the same purpose as you may just be the most rewarding thing in the world.
  6. Controversy with Civility
    • As cheesy as this sounds, I believe this “C” is one of the most important because of my boyfriend. He challenges me in ways I’ve never been challenged before, and without his perspective on life, I would be stuck in some old ways. I’m thankful that he has opened my mind in this way, and I am forever grateful that I have someone who I can have open and honest conversations with to solve differences.
  7. Citizenship
    1. Volunteering and doing community service work has shown me how important fulfilling my duty as a citizen is. Not only is it beneficial to help others to spark change in them, but giving back sure does feel good.

Acts of selflessness + inspiring others = Positive social change


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