LDR200L Reflection

As a part of the LAS protocol, LDR200L is a required course, taught by the lovely Jesi Ekonen, the Assistant Director of the Leadership Institute. I have the opportunity to spend three (sometimes two if we’re lucky) hours in Powers 136 with my cohort. I went into the class with high hopes and excitement. Although it can be very easy to dread a three hour class, I leave the class with a sense of accomplishment and enrichment.

We started off the semester with some goals in mind:

Develop new ways of thinking about leadership

Increase self-awareness, personal growth, and clarify our passions

Be inclusive and be accountable for ourselves


We started off the course by developing our own personal philosophy. We were challenged to think about our passions and what is important to us. We were posed the question: “Why do you do the things you do?” From here we developed our “why” statement and what we want to inspire in others. Discovering our “why” helped us clarify what we are passionate about and created growth within all of us.

Inspire others to see perspective into the minds of those around them. 

FullSizeRenderRather than having a professor lecture about leadership theories and approaches, each student had the task of presenting a workshop on a leadership theory and facilitating a leadership initiative. Topics included ethics, power, the behavioral approach, and servant leadership. Within these presentations, we completed our goal of developing new ways of thinking about leadership, creating a new perspective in all of our minds.

It’s been quite a semester and quite a year with 50 crazy leadership kids. This class has taught me a lot about myself, has helped me open up and be myself around others, and how to effectively lead. I’ve also improved my public speaking and presenting skills, and have become even more of a planner than I was before. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in LDR200L and I’m excited to see how we will wrap up these last four weeks as a cohort.



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