LEADing through writing

As a Leader Advancement Scholar, I am given the opportunity to serve on a LEAD team within the Leadership Institute. We have several different teams including Relay for Life, Special Events, the seniors’ Grad Ball, and a whole lot more.

lead letter
[Check out our Winter issue]
I happen to be on the team called LEAD Letter. We are a team that comprises articles into a short booklet/newspaper highlighting various events at CMU, important people, and educational leadership opportunities. I love reading about things that happen here at CMU, plus I enjoy writing, so I’m glad I can contribute on this LEAD team!


We put out one letter in the winter and one in the spring. Kim Sampson, the director of LEAD Letter, was very pleased with our latest issue.

The LEAD Letter team is starting to get together and formulate some ideas for the Spring 2016 letter. My goal is to contribute more than I did last semester, and help Kim put together the final draft. Since a lot of our team involves writing articles independently, I wish we could have more time together as a group. Nonetheless, I’m honored to be a part of a group that is so vital to the Leadership Institute!


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