Just Say Yes

“Does leadership come from a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’?”

As a child, I always had a natural tendency to say “no”. To anything, really. I realize that may sound like I was just some stuck up, bratty little girl, but thankfully that wasn’t the case. In fact, I was pretty much the exact opposite of bratty. I stood behind my dad’s leg when I met his “scary” tall manly friends, I didn’t order meals myself at a restaurant until I was thirteen years old, and I refrained from speaking out when I didn’t need to.

As I’ve grown, I’ve matured in my mindset just as I have matured physically. I’ve said “no” my entire life, so now each day I make it an effort to say “yes” as much as I can. Eventually, I got sick of staying within the lines of what’s comfortable and my thirst for adventure and need for enrichment became more important than my comfort zone. That being said, I believe leadership comes from a yes.young

I strive to say yes to every new opportunity that comes my way.

I strive to say yes when the rest of the world is saying no.

I strive to say yes when an experience will push me outside of what is comfortable.

I say yes because I am no longer the girl who hides behind my dad’s leg. I am a strong, independent person who will say yes because…why the hell not?


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