My day trip to the Concrete Jungle

November 24th approached and I was so ready to go home for Thanksgiving break. But I didn’t get to back to good ol’ L-Town…I was off to NYC.

My family and I took off on the road for New Jersey to visit my great aunt and uncle. I was stoked to see my family over on the east coast, but even more stoked to see the city. We took a train from Iselin, NJ to Penn Station. I can only describe this trip in one word – surreal. Everything I saw I’d only seen in the movies or heard about, so seeing it with my own eyes was so cool. 

We were dropped off in Herald Square which gave way to an amazing view of the Empire State building. One of the first sights I saw was Madison Square Garden. I was in awe since so many of my favorite music artists have performed there and it’s such a monumental place. I took a quick venture through the five floors of Macy’s, it sure is magical. The store had perfect amounts of shimmer and sparkly decor that left my jaw dropped open.

I was most excited for Times Square to see what all the hullaballoo is about. To be honest, I was expecting a perfectly square center, but it really wasn’t a square, more of just a space. I saw where the ball drops on New Years Eve, Viacom studios (where MTV films) and the big screen. My Times Square experience wouldn’t have been completely fulfilled without a display of my lovely Adele and her “Hello” music video playing. I was so pleasantly surprised.

We took a stroll down 5th avenue and what a sight it was. All of the high-end stores like Tiffany & Co, Gucci, and Ralph Lauren were beautifully lit. I caught a glimpse of the breathtaking Saint Thomas Church.

To finish off our day, we walked through Chinatown and into Little Italy for dinner. A big plate of pasta and meatballs was the best way to end my trip to New York City.

The sights, sounds, and people exceeded my expectations –  I’m already trying to plan a girl’s trip in the spring…


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