Making Connections

LAS took off on another adventure, this time to the Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City for the 2015 Connections Conference. The Leadership Institute put on this incredible conference, bringing together all of the leaders on Central Michigan’s campus. These “leaders” included the LAS freshman cohort, Hall Council members, RESlife representatives, and others with leadership positions. The weekend consisted of leadership sessions, meeting new people, great food, and a much needed waterpark getaway.

I found all of the leadership sessions to be extremely educating and applicable to real life. Each session helped me improve my weak leadership skills and abilities. I learned new things about myself and how I can change those things.

Myself looking extremely angry at the world…I promise it was just a relaxation exercise that took lots of focus!!

Everyone was raving about the meals provided at the conference, so I couldn’t wait to dive in! All the talk was worth it-the food was awesome. It was a very nice change from Central’s cafeteria food. Of course, the water park was the highlight of the weekend. I had a tough school week leading up to the conference, so the park was very relaxing and a huge stress relief. I felt like a kid again, frolicking through the water sprayers and getting dumped on by the huge bucket of water.

connections 3.jpg
Having a good laugh after a long day!

My favorite part of the weekend was bonding with my cohort. I hung out with some people I normally wouldn’t, which was very rewarding. On top of meeting new people, I got to strengthen the bond with the ones I already knew. Overall, the weekend was very successful and I am thankful for all the connections I made!

connections 2.jpg
Some of my best friends and three of the Connections facilitators

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