“Big enough to matter, small enough to care.”


As Leader Advancement Scholars, we are presented with unique opportunities that other students at CMU may not have. One of these opportunites is a chance to meet the president of Central Michigan University, George Ross. He spoke to our LDR100 class about his definition of leadership and what he believes goes into an effective leader.

Mr. Ross’ spoke about his life experiences and how he got to be in his position. I felt his genuine person as soon as he started speaking. He said nothing except great words about CMU, which you would expect from the president of the university, but he gave well-rounded reasons as to why. In the Q&A session, we fired some tough questions at him, yet he answered them with poise.

President Ross spoke about things like respect, responsibility, creativity, collaboration, and communication. A few things he said really stood out to me:

“Just tell the truth and own up to                                                                    your mistakes.”president ross

“Make decisions based on evidence in front of you.”

“Deal with conflict head on-most things can be resolved.”

“Make sure to thank people-it goes a long way.”

His passion for CMU and for the people here shined through. His goal is to find a way for students to be more respective and to also make attending here more affordable.

His words made me realize just how lucky I am to be here. I feel very safe and at home with a person like President Ross in charge of our university. I look forward to spending the next four years with him as our man in change.


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