Mentee/Mentor Retreat

On a beautiful, brisk Saturday in September, the LAS freshman class and our mentors took off on a weekend full of team-building and bonding. We stayed at Eagle Village, a healing center for youth, families, and communities. They have an incredibly empowering staff that helped put on the best weekend possible for us.

We started off the weekend by sharing our “road maps”, which outlined our life experiences and facts about ourselves. After that, we tackled a high ropes course, participated in various challenge courses, reflected on what makes a good leader, and bonded with our peers.

mentee retreat
4 lovely mentors with mentees 🙂

At the time of the retreat, I was not officially in LAS. Instead, I was taking classes with the cohort and living in the same hall as them. Because of this, I did not have an “official” mentor. The whole theme of this retreat the bond between your mentor and mentee, which made for some uncomfortable situations throughout the weekend. I do admit that I felt awkward without a mentor, but I still tried to make the most fun out of it that I could.

Now, I do have a mentor, and I am so grateful for her. Carley took me under her wing with no hesitation and made me feel at home. Although I didn’t get to spend the retreat with her, every chance I got to be with her was so comforting. Over the last few months, I’ve grown so much closer with Carley and am so blessed to call her my best friend. She and I have such similar backgrounds and values, making it almost impossible for us to not be such great friends. She’s a rock in my life and completely changed my outlook on college and life in general.

My INCREDIBLE mentor, Carley

I’m so thankful to be a Leadership Advancement Scholar and extremely happy that I now I have a mentor who is so passionate about life. After this weekend, I look forward to the growth that will follow in the next few months.

Here is a quick montage video of the weekend!

mentee retreatt
My group participating in a team-building activity

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